Boardwalk Empire's Al Capone and Son

Boardwalk Empire: Finale

Boardwalk Empire, one of the most beautiful television shows ever created.  Dark, rich and deeply felt, there was not an episode in the five-season run that was not artfully done.

Boardwalk Finale Nucky up close, Eli in background

Boardwalk Empire's Nucky and Jillian

Boardwalk Empire's Al Capone on the steps in the finale

As a fan of Duke Ellington I am happy to share that the song playing here was “Mood Indigo.”

There’s a spoiler below.  By the way, the apartment – The Eldorado – was built in 1930 and is still renting apartments today.

Margaret’s line hit it for me:

“Here’s an experiment for you: think about the things you want in life, then picture yourself in a dress.”

Boardwalk Empire Finale Nucky Shot

Of course the bad guys didn’t get Nucky in the end-  and who did was a full circle moment that required some math.  And when it happened, oh boy.  An ending I will not soon forget.


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