Tea Leoni in Madam Secretary

Madam Secretary

Madam Secretary has been killing it in the ratings.  Despite ever-changing start times due to holidays, events and games, there has been a solid uptick in the CBS Sunday profile in Fall 2014.

Madam Secretary: Tea Leoni and female guest star

It passes the “Bechtel Test” every time: that is, two women speak to each other about something other than a man.  (Run this test on other programming and see just how rare it is!  Then, drink because of just how rare that is.)

Tea Leoni, Madeline Albright and Tim Daly at the Madam Secretary Fall 2014 Premiere

I watch this show for 50% females in power and 50% Tim Daly.  Bebe Neuwirth plays a complicated professional woman as well.  Patina Miller, everyone!  And I think Morgan Freeman co-produces this series.

Bonus: If you watch this show for Tim Daly too, you’ll like “The Daly Show” on Youtube, seasons 1 and 2.


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