The Comeback's Lisa Kudrow makes a funny face (like she smells something bad) in bluegreen sparkling tank top and headband

The Comeback Season 1

When I watched The Comeback for the first time this summer, I had no idea it wasn’t current.  Even having worked on reality TV I thought at most it was three years old.  But no – 2005!  How prescient it turned out to be, but most of all, good.  It’s compelling and funny and now I love Lisa Kudrow.

Here’s my suggestion for a one hour comeback block before The Newsroom and The Comeback season premieres tonight:

Episode 2 – Valerie Triumphs at the Upfronts

Episode 9 – Valerie Hangs with the Cool Kids

Screenshot of HBO Go season 1 of the comeback episode browsing view, last 6 episodes visible

"The Comeback raw footage" over color bars

screenshot of characters Valerie Cherish and Mickey from The Comeback season 1 episode 9

The Comeback's Lisa Kudrow with namaste hands


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