Carol Burnett in an orange blazer with green scarf and hoop earrings.

Hawaii 5-0

I was so excited to watch Constantine for the first time but could only last about ten minutes.  The coupling of the fact that he’s not openly bisexual (as he is in the comics) with a horror themed procedural was impossible for me to overcome.  That said, if someone made a supercut of just the star’s drama without the crime solving elements, I’d probably still watch it because those few moments seemed interesting.

So, I turned to Hawaii 5-0, which I’d also never seen but it’s been on for so long and straddled the old to young CBS rebrand well enough to keep kicking that I figure there must be something there.  Lucky for me it’s a replay of last year’s Thanksgiving episode, season 4 episode 9, guest starring the wonderful Carol Burnett.

You can also watch Carol Burnett right now on channel 5.2 in NYC, the movie channel.  They are replaying 1982’s “Annie.”  Yet another surprising offering on free, over the air antenna television that can appear magically on your TV without paying another dime.

I look forward to seeing the new version of Annie this December and also Peter Pan Live.  Musicals on TV are back – thank you Glee – and I look forward to sharing with you about the many many more new musical interpretations to come!

carol burnett is dressed and lit in blue as she sings on a stage


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