GH character Carly thinking "I'm nailing this"

GH Now!

I am VERY EXCITED to announce the first three episodes of GH Now!, the weekly digital talk show hosted by General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn, are out on ABC GO and

(That may or may not embed so I included a link to’s show page for GH Now!.)

I started with the third episode because the first two episodes of any talk show will be crap.  I’ll go back and watch them sometime.  The third episode is great though!  It’s funny, irreverent and tongue in cheek.  There’s even a commercial for the host’s character who in true soap opera fashion is every kind of lawyer you could possibly ever want and somehow the best at each.  (Maybe it’s because she’s also very close to being the only game in town.)  The format’s fantastic and the graphics are beautiful.

Host in confessional style video wrap

screengrab of GH Now graphic aiding transition between host wrap and opening bit

gh now caption scotty

GH Now all together hands up

Host Nancy Lee Grahn introduces herself behind beautiful lower third graphics

Can’t wait to see more!!!


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