Press photo for fox Backstrom - reads "Brilliant Detective Total Dick"


Rainn Wilson did hard time as the #2 in The Office.  Nine seasons, day in, day out, playing the perfect idiot.  Rarely did Dwight find himself on top although he always believed himself to deserve it.  You all know how much I love The Office and so of course I’ve been waiting for just about a year since this guy’s show was announced by Fox.

Even though it sounded like a perfect concept, pilot season, pickups and actually putting that money down is a hard hard road that many a good show has fallen on.  After The Office, there was supposed to be a spinoff featuring Dwight and his family called “The Farm.”  Terrified that it would become the next “Joey,” NBC pulled it.  Rainn then launched Soul Pancake, an Oprah-like YouTube network that encourages and shares poignant and uplifting stories.

photo tiles of backstrom cast

As for the premiere, Backstrom did not disappoint.  (Really, really good thing, as I had very strong feelings about it even sight unseen.)  It was funny and a little graphic and had great TV cop action sequences.  Backstrom’s a white guy, but he lives in a diverse world, and I appreciate that.  He’s really insulting and unlikeable, and takes fried food seriously.  Here’s hoping it weathers network life as well as it did getting here!

screengrab of backstrom talking to doctor


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