Title card for Naked City

Naked City

Catching the last episode of Naked City. The show is about different underbellies of New York City. There is an interesting mix for the 1958-1962 television drama. It’s what I imagine characters like Breaking Bad to be… only older, from a different time.

I saw Season 4, episode 13. The theme of this episode was criminal humanity. (Two old friends become nemesis and keep raising a meat cleaver to each other.)  By this time, Naked City’s A storyline is really about the guest stars.

In the beginning of the episode a storyline with police detectives provide a through line for the series, but after that most of the time is spent delving into the deep emotional lives of two friends that are always feuding. It becomes pretty poignant at the 30 minute mark and the finale! I was surprised that I felt so moved because most of the show lives in the grit and the dirt.


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