Fat Actress still where Kirstie Alley is dancing provacatively causing Kid Rock to blush. Credits - created by kirstie alley and brenda hampton - roll.

Fat Actress

This morning, the morning after July 4th, I woke up and realized it was a totally free day and I should probably put together some kind of agenda.  Naturally, the first thing I did was open my computer.  It was on Showtime Anytime from the “Masters of Sex” early release of the third season premiere.  So I clicked around and there was Fat Actress, and watched all seven episodes of glory.Pink banner with Kirstie Alley in pink satin on the rightThere were so many guest stars!  It was a really fun watch, there were some times that I could not stop cackling like a lady that understood how one might eat a cake that one bought six years earlier just because it was in a cooler in your kitchen that you renovated to lose some weight.Rachael Harris and Bryan Callen are fantastic support for the series and provide so much joy.  I love seeing Rachael Harris in a sexy, not-horrible-woman role, where she also has some fun and kicks a tiny bit of ass.  Bryan Callen is my favorite when he’s in a not-horrible-man role too, so it kind of works out in ways that are awesome and also unexpected.  Kirstie Alley is hilarious and amazing and apparently is very good friends with a lot of people.The guest stars, again, are great.  Kelly Preston, John Travolta, Merv Griffin, Chris Macdonald, Kevin Nealon, Mayim Bialik (as a sexual evil genius), Kid Rock, Leah Remini, Marc Curry… oh, and Jeff Zucker, then-president of NBC.
Rachael Harris after her character in Fat Actress does crack Fat Actress Bryan Callen in poolChristopher MacDonald as Kirstie Alleys crackhead brother in Fat ActressFat Actress Kirstie Alley and Kevin Nealon with a 12 by on mambo and apple box familyFat Actress Kirstie Alley and Kid Rock lap danceRachael Harris and Kevin Nealon in Fat ActressAnd finally, my favorite line by a long shot.  When Kirstie Alley offers Anne Heche’s number, Mo Collins’ jail guard character says,

Too skinny, can’t do nothin’ with it.

Instead she takes the number for Rosie O’Donnell from, I swear, the guy that has played “The Gay Guy” on every series ever.  I just can’t figure out who he is!Fat ActressMo Collins Too skinny cant do nothin with it line


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