2 cones homemade vanilla soft serve ice cream with sprinkles

PBS Online

I am so excited.  I’ve just watched my first video on PBS.ORG, about Making Soft Serve Ice Cream.

This is great because there are so many quality food programs on PBS.  The reason I turned to it was because of an article from Facebook about Dream of Italy, which may or may not have come out on television yet.  It’s not on PBS.org at the moment anyway, so I’m not yet watching that.

Kathy McCabe loves big cheese

It does look good, though, doesn’t it?

The soft serve video was good, they really made it at home and I think it’s doable.  There’s dry ice, which looks really fun to smash and then looks really cool being mixed.  (Fellow hand mixers – wear gloves.)

PBS piping soft serve ice cream

A dog peeks over the counter

Oh, don’t look at me with those puppy dog eyes.

See, it’s ok!dog gets ice cream


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