tig notaro, shirtless, leans towards her right

Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted

tig notaro at her comedy special on hbo, standing next to her shirt

The HBO/Funny or Die special featuring Tig Notaro, “Boyish Girl Interrupted,” is funny.

I get a lot of views on this blog because of these pictures.  The reason I chose this moment to screenshot is because it is such a triumphant moment in the show.  She’s fearless – and funny.  It’s definitely worth watching if you haven’t yet.  Up next for Tig: her Amazon series “One Mississippi.”  Check that out when it comes around (maybe Fall 2016?) and of course feel free to click around the blog for other ideas of what to watch!

Update, September 2016:

Tig’s series “One Mississippi” came out on Amazon.  It is heart-achingly beautiful, cathartic, and funny.  Perhaps you came to this page because you’re curious about what Tig looks like post-surgery.  If you still are, watch “One Mississippi” episode 3.  You will see more – and importantly, more from her point of view.

Season 2 is also available, is beautiful and this link contains both spoilers and Tig in bed.


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