the sunday ABC schedule OUAT to quantico

Sunday Primetime: Fall 2015

Oh right, it’s Fall – so Sunday nights are a thing again!  You know when you’re binge watching a network show and for some reason the third episode of every season is suddenly Halloween?  Well, get ready for that again!

ABC, even without Revenge – you have my Sunday.

At 8pm: Once Upon a Time

At 9pm: Blood and Oil

At 10pm: Quantico

At Midnight: 2 episodes of Castle.

Bonus, at 7pm Once Upon a Time is doing some kind of catch-up special called “Dark Swan Rises.”

This is a great Sunday night – ABC is on some kind of stride with Thursday and Sunday.  They have plenty of legacy series that have dug in for years, and then tonight they’ll show two new ones after Once.  These things are cyclical so let’s hope they make the best of it and run.  Blood and Oil looks kind of interesting, and Quantico has something kind of LOST about it.  We’ll see where they both go!


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