a man moons the camera showing billy and julie his bits

Difficult People

Difficult people title in red and green

I guess I watched all of Difficult People yesterday.  I didn’t realize that I watched all of it until I woke up this morning to finish it and it was trying to replay the Christmas episode.  There are only 8 wonderful episodes of this show, until 2016.  I just want to be clear on that so no one else thinks they didn’t watch yet another entire season of something in a day.

hulu displays the 8 episodes in a grid for you to click on

The stars and writers of difficult people

The stars and writers, above, did a great job showing the ins, outs, ups and mostly downs of this crazy business.  I for one, having the current employment status to be able to watch record amounts of television and report it to you, appreciate their negative yet positive point of view.  It sucks, but it’s worth it.  And they will never give up because in the end they know they will do it.

The guest stars are so much fun when they pop up!  First of all, supporting actor Andrea Martin is amazing.  Obviously.  But then the surprise guests and the roles they play are great.  I won’t ruin it by describing any of them but will show you some pictures to whet your palette.  The show is so littered with cameos it would be ridiculous to post pictures of them all.

andrea martin difficult people

Andrea Martin in a play, darkly lit with spots on her and 2 costars

rachel dratch in difficult people sits at a table in the restaurant

difficult gabourey

difficult people with seth myers

3 difficult people on a couch, julie's eyes and mouth wide open in surprise

Difficult people kathie lee

Difficult People Kathie lee wide

Even a magliner of apple boxes and the electric cart make an appearance.

Apple boxes on a magliner in front of our 2 heros

combo stands on a cart

the stars of difficult people walking away from a crafty tent
“We do work on The Good Wife! He’s a grip, I’m a judge.”

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