The library from The Librarians

The Librarians

I just watched season 1 of “The Librarians” from TNT.  Yesterday.  Well, mostly yesterday.  I watched the season finale this morning.  And it was wonderful!!!

First, Rebecca Romijn is everything (obviously).

The Librarians' Rebecca Romijn is lit to glow with titles bottom left stating name and role

The show follows her, and I guess there are other actors involved… just kidding.  They’re all great.

The episode titles are awesome too.

Title card for episode and the heart of darkness
The episode that I took this screenshot on proceeded to scare the ever living shit out of me. As in, I heard a rustle in my apartment and screamed out my roommate’s name in fear.

It’s a pretty fun watch.  There’s adventure, not too much camaraderie but just enough.  All of the characters are pretty intelligent and women especially tend to kick the most ass up front.

Good and evil ladies fight

Excited expressions on the new librarians' faces
I know, I was excited when I saw Tricia Helfer’s episode too!

all of the librarians and the guardian in the library

Production designer stands on set

So, this guy is a genius.  He’s the the Production Designer of The Librarians and he says it only cost $220,000 to build this beautiful set.  You can see the cameras covered in the background and this 360 feature on the TNT website actually allows us to see the lighting as well!

skirt and skylights

sky lights and skirts

booklights and skirts

I really enjoyed watching this entire series the day after it became available on Hulu.  One episode very quickly turned into 10.  However we all know that the deal you make in the pilot is not always what you get all season long.

In the first episode you get shots like this, and with Jane Curtin.  The wide shot and quick zoom reminds me so much of Pushing Daisies!

long shot of the library

closer on romijn and curtin in the librarycloser to a medium shot of curtin and romijn

For most of season 1, instead of Jane Curtain you get this smug bastard.  But you know what?  He kind of grows on you too.

Close up on LaroquetteJohn Laroquette on the phone

Again, the production design is genius.

Noah Wyle smirks as 2 librarians look on

And Noah Wyle has something of a Fillion-esque quality sometimes.

The show is basically about magic, so it’s not for the faint of suspended disbelief.  However, even in series’ like that, sometimes it gets real.  Like, really real.

Col. Briggs opens her fridge and it's completely empty except for one water bottle


2 thoughts on “The Librarians

  1. Love the show.. it is quirky and fun but also very smart too.. It is a shame some folks just miss that about the show .. Christian Kane rocking his role as Jake Stone is my favorite character!! Thanks for sharing!


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