Angie Tribeca

I’m doing the slow binge on this one.  Savoring every episode and taking a break in between.  I guess you could call it… “watching.”  But don’t believe me, hear for yourself from the great Carol Burnett.  And then I guess believe me also.  Because while she calls it a “belly laugh,” what I hear in my apartment echoes more the sound of a “guffaw” or a “cow’s moo.”

Watch as Carol Burnett calls the TBS phone lines to talk to star Rashida Jones, writers Steve and Nancy Walls Carrell and the cast of Angie Tribeca:


Carol Burnett called us “Stupid. Good stupid.” We feel good. Stupid good. Keep binging while we’re hot. #TribecaBinge

Posted by Angie Tribeca on Sunday, January 17, 2016