The two main actresses in Her Story are smiling big in the club scene

Her Story

Jen looks down in a dirty closeup over the reporter's right shoulder in the well lit cafe near a window.

A short and sweet story about the queer community and dating as a transgender woman.  I tapped episode 1 up to the Chromecast and realized after the ten minute video that I’d need to find the six episode season 1 playlist so they can all just go on to the next.  An hour later I was quite pleased with the quality and happy with the story.  Her Story and the movie Carol were both nice, light and beautiful love stories for the queer community and I’m so happy to see this trend.

Her Story premiered on YouTube on January 18th and two weeks later has 71,800 views on episode one and 39,000 on the episode 6.

A master two shot in the cafe is nicely composed. Jen leans forward laughing as the reporter's talking.
The lighting in this whole scene just did it for me.
A wider version of the featured photo with Jen and the reporter cheering for the singer at the club.
Two peas in a pod.
The group of four women attending the club with unlit practical lights behind overhead.
I couldn’t get enough of the reporter’s Hair and Makeup in this scene.

The singer with microphone in hand eyes closed and black lipsticked mouth wide open.

Two women at the Lambda Legal Office.

Her Story Director
A still from a BTS video shows the director calling cut.
Credits show ABS Payroll & Production Accounting Services
A payroll company… what a wonderful thing!
Special Thanks: Kate Bornstein, Laverne Cox, the Wachowskis, Jill Soloway and Janet Mock among others
The Very Special Thanks contains established transgender rights activists and filmmakers.

Her Story title card: Story in Jacquelyn Susanne's white text, HR in pink, E in orange in Arial text.

The success of Her Story is that the story is told with the benefit of participation.  There is no need for a token transgender perspective because there are a multitude of experiences to draw from.  The result is a nuanced, balanced and artistic authenticity that is uplifting and sweet.



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