James Franco is well lit


New miniseries “11.22.63” premiered today on Hulu.  The plot points may be a bit convenient, but the show is entertaining.  It’s got time travel, James Franco, some nice camera moves and Josh Duhamel.  I’m in.  New episodes will air every Monday until the end of March.

Another exterior BTS

grips shade camera and talent with double nets

Diner establishing shot


Exterior wide of auditoriumA sign reads "REST ROOMS WHITE ONLY"


Josh Duhamel sits behind a butcher shop table

James Franco with smirk and outstretched arm

James Franco Looking Confused


James Franco sits and looks downJames Franco wears a suit and hat talking on the phone in a telephone booth marked "TELEPHONE"; warm light is on the left, cool light on the rightJames Franco knocks on a front door

James Franco backlit only in red


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