Shaun Sperling dances to Madonna as the word "Transparent" begins to appear at the top of the screen during opening credits

Transparent Season 2

Shaun Sperling dances to Madonna as the word "Transparent" begins to appear at the top of the screen during opening credits
This is Shaun Sperling.  I talked to him once about licensing this video for a show I was working on.  He was so nice and got a kick out of the reaction to his viral video.  His sister, Andrea Sperling, is a producer on Transparent.  Blatant nepotism.  (But well deserved and well placed.)

Transparent season 2 was one of the most beautiful pieces of media I’ve ever seen.  I ended several episodes with tears streaming down my face.  With 10 episodes of 30 minutes each it’s only about 5 hours long, but I stretched it out as long as I could: three days.

The second season of Transparent moves forward from where the first left off, but soon begins to delve in an entirely different direction.  Transparent begins exploring a previous generation of the family that left Germany during the holocaust, accounting for many of my tears and even more of my appreciation.

Text reads "Berlin 1933" as a young girl looks to the bottom right of screen

Rose looks on at a fire, upset

Michaela Watkins sits at a kitchen table with a concerned look

There’s also a lot of dancing.

Gabi Hoffman and Jeffrey Tambor dance at a music festival

Transparent season 2 wedding hora

A show with costumes in Berlin 1933 on season 2 of Transparent

Transparent s2 dancing

Transparent season two also contains several discussions about inclusivity, feminist intersectionality, and the Indigo Girls.
Indigo Girls perform on Transparent season 2

Favorite shot in Transparent season 2: Hotel Rooms
This was my favorite shot of the season.

A makeup eye shadow palette

Anjelica Huston and Jeffrey Tambor in Transparent
Can’t go wrong with Anjelica Huston (unless you’re trying to spell it without google)

I finished watching Transparent the other day.  Since then the theme song has played over in my head giving me an instant feeling of calm, reflection and a twinge of heartbreak for the legacy that is humanity.


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