Tony Rock in front of the word "Awards" on screen behind him

All Def Movie Awards

Oshea Jackson accepts Best Picture for Straight Outta Compton at the All Def Movie Awards on Fusion

Tonight before the Oscars, Fusion aired the “All Def Movie Awards.”  It was a light hearted ceremony with a strong message and many tongue-in-cheek categories, and everyone seemed pretty happy to be there.  It’s certainly worth watching, and clocking in at 41 minutes, is also short and sweet.

Stream at Fusion here:


Tony Rock and Russell Simmons at the All Def Movie Awards 2016

After a few awards were given out, Russell Simmons was greeted with a standing ovation, after which he offered these words.

I want to just talk a little bit about why we’re doing it.  This is not really a protest, it’s a celebration.  It’s a celebration of a lot of people who otherwise would not be celebrated.  And here we are, the most compassionate group of activists on the planet, and still, we live in the most segregated place on the planet.  Right here, Hollywood.  And, you know it’s two sided, I mean some of us have to go to the door, they’re halfway open and we’ve got to push them open.  And I say to white Hollywood, you gotta have your door open.  You’ve got to open your door.  You’re losing money.  Picking all the wrong black people sometimes, a lot of funny black people.  I’m talking about Martin, and Jamie, and Cedric and Bernie and DL Hugley, and Steve Harvey, and I could go on forever.  So many, Bill Bellamy –  I could go on forever.  And then not one black comedian until Kevin Hart, and he made himself.  Because they don’t come to Chocolate Sunday, or More Better Monday, or Terrible Tuesday, or Wild Ass Wednesday.  Nobody comes to those, there’s not an agent in the room.  So it’s two sided, I want us, from our side, to push forward.  If you’re a black promoter and you’ve got Chocolate Sunday then put some white people on your show.  I know you might not want to.  We’ve gotta be more inclusive, it’s not only on them, but it’s mostly on them.  And I really appreciate the work that the Academy is doing to try to integrate.  We’ve got a black producer, got a black lead, we’ve got a black head of the Academy.  So they’re working really hard and I appreciate it.  But it didn’t happen without pressure and I want to thank Jada Pinkett for her words of encouragement.  (Audience claps)  Pressure makes a diamond.  Hollywood, we can get better.Russell Simmons speaks at the podium, one hand grasped for emphasis

Full Stage of the All Def Movie Awards

Ice Cube accepts Most Quoted Movie for Friday

Tony Rock and the audience of the Fusion All Def Movie Awards

The audience laughs at the All Def Movie Awards on Fusion

Ice Cube and Oshea Jackson Jr laugh at the All Def Movie Awards

The Color Purple was mentioned in one segment.  It was nominated for 11 Academy Awards.  It won nothing.

Awards that were announced but not given at the ceremony:

Best Director: Ryan Coogler

Best Actor: Michael B. Jordan

Award that was given: Most likely to steal your girl.  To Amber Rose!

Amber Rose accepts for


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