The opening shot of Flaked: A tin filled with cigarette butts and ashes


3/11/16 was an unseasonably warm Friday for almost-spring in New York.  It was also the day Netflix premiered a new series with Will Arnett called “Flaked.”  You’d think the weather was as product-placed as the Windows Vista integrations, ones that hopefully make content like this more possible to make.

This one was on my calendar for a long time.  It turned out so nicely.  The music was by Stephen Malkmus, with a sound like a very sparse 80s synthesizer and with poignant emo closing songs.

I really liked the show itself.  It was simple, yet layered, like a delicious casserole laced with some kind of unidentifiable yet surprisingly interesting spice.  The same for star and EP Will Arnett, who produced along with Mitch Hurwitz, Ben Silverman and Peter Prinicipato and co-created the series with Marc Chappell.

Flaked Arnett

Will Arnett looks at his reflection in the front gate, which is now halfway open

Will Arnett rides his bike at night in a scene from Flaked

Title card: "Flaked" with star biking in front


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