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Outlander Season 2

Outlander season 2: Claire stands, pensive, shadowed in a doorway.
Our hero, Claire
Outlander season 2: Frank's face is lit only from the opposite side of the camera. His camera side and the background are much darker, his camera side neck catching just the smallest light from behind his back.
Outlander season 2: Frank’s face is lit only from the opposite side of the camera.  His camera side and the background are much darker, his camera side neck catching just the smallest light from behind his back.

Green screen up against a cliff with doorways shaped out is partially obscured by people and a boat

Above: A very large green screen is set up in order to film the scene where the ship has come into the port and people and cargo unload.  This green screen is probably made up of many separate pieces put together.  Notice that there are even “doorways” shaped out of it.  Ever wonder how a green screen is made?

The green screen comes as a rolled up piece of fabric in a bag.  It has grommets sewn onto all the edges and a small thin rope in each one.  The grips put up a frame to tie it onto, usually from rails and stands.  The green screen must be absolutely taut onto the frame so that there are no lines or shadows in order for the CGI to take correctly, and it also should be evenly lit with a correct color.  In order to make it taut, each fabric is tied tightly to the frame and weighted to stay in place.  The green screen above looks like it took a lot of work, but when you have a skilled crew it can be done expertly and quickly.

Below you can see the CGI result.

A split screen reveals how a town in France is constructed using CGI - full four story buildings squeezed close versus a vertically cut mountain of rock

A blurry picture shows on the right, a modern dressed crew member in sunlight and on the left the darkened set used on camera

Above: this blurry picture is pretty close to what it’s like to be on set.  There’s on camera sets and then the rest of the space is where the crew hangs out in their hoodies drinking coffee.  A set can be very messy, it’s only the parts that go on camera that need to be perfect for the show.

Behind the scenes of Outlander season 2: a two person outdoor scene has eight crew members behind.This is also what it’s like to be on set.  The peaceful surroundings for Claire and Mrs. Graham to have tea are actually crowded and full of materials.  A Dolly Grip all the way on the right awaits (or has completed) his movement.  The Camera Operator and First AC are looking at the shot. There is a grip hand-holding a 4×8 bead board in order to fill in backlight for the actors.  A giant crank stand is holding some kind of light and there is also a large solid rag on a frame camera right.  On the floor is about 4×8 of duvetyn to take down what was too much light underneath the actors and four quarter apple boxes painted black from the Set Decorators to lift up the table which must have seemed too low in this shot.

Outlander season 2: EP/writer Ira Steven Behr with purple goatee, small round sunglasses, hat and leather jacket in front of mostly closed blinds and an outlander scene in Avid.

And finally, the writer of episode 202: Ira Steven Behr.

This concludes the behind-the-scenes out-look at Outlander Season 2, episodes one two and three!


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