Peter Krause is flanked by two women (who are only interested in each other); all are dressed black tie

The Catch

I did NOT expect to catch onto yet ANOTHER Shonda Rhimes/Betsy Beers ABC Thursday Primetime Soap featuring aged hunks and powerful women.  But once again, they have managed to draw me in.

The Catch's villain bares all as he kisses Peter Krause while naked with mistress in bed
“The Benefactor”

Certainly not because of the above, or the below, I’m sure…

Two women dance ballroom style; the crowd claps when they kiss

The lighting team of "The Catch" shows off the goods in an outdoor columned stairway
Just look at these gorgeous shadows!

“The Catch” has a highly stylized visual language.  Split screens are populated with fast cars and guns, or people lurking in shadows.

Split Screen on "The Catch" Left: Peter Krause drinks champagne wearing a fancy suit. Right: A torso of a man is shown with his right hand hiding a gun in his black tie jacket.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.37.33 AM
There’s bright lights on the car, and perhaps a large one off screen right…

Two women have a discussion about their relationship on ABC's "The Catch"

Now… here’s where it gets all wet-blankety.  These two women are involved.  They both have beautiful hair.  It is really amazing seeing a relationship like this evolve on screen, step by step.  It’s not immediately discussed but is definitely powerful and only for each of her own personal gains, however nefarious.  But when it comes to the discussion it goes like this:

“You’re with him?  What about your lesbian tendencies?”
“You’re with Ben.  What about YOUR lesbian tendencies?”
“I prefer not to think about them, it takes all the fun away.”

And then the conversation ends!  So I guess the word bisexual is still taboo, even as the 100% bisexual relationship is shown and grown on TV.  OK*.

Consolation prize, because it DOES make a difference in a positive way:

Two women are about to kiss on screen for ABC's drama "The Catch"

And then the crowd claps!  “The Catch,” everyone, Thursdays (Spring 2016) on ABC.

*In my excitement, I wrote this 15 minutes before episode 5 came to an end.  Let me just say how much I was disappointed and leave it at that.


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