outlander title card shows the stones in shade and sunlight

What I’m Watching: May 28, 2016

There are some times in life when your list of television to catch up on seems like a mountain you must dedicate an entire long weekend to climb.

Once in a while, when the stars align, you have that long weekend and the television at the top of your list is a magical combination of incredible episodes of your favorite shows.

May 28, 2016 was one of those times.  Season Two, Episode 8 of Outlander on Starz; and the 2016 General Hospital Nurses Ball on ABC, a now-back-to-annual broadcast event on GH benefiting awareness and money towards HIV/AIDS.

Outlander season 2 back in scotland: a horse and rider in completely open green ground, snow-capped mountains in the distance

First up was Outlander, which is back in Scotland, as the English-sung title song confirms.  The lighting, set and costume design was of course top notch, as usual.  Here are just a few of my favorite shots that I was able to capture.

Claire and Jenny at the top of the staircase
Had to lighten up this photo as sometimes the grippery is so strong it doesn’t translate from online broadcast to screenshot.

Claire and Jamie outside; they look concernedMurtaugh stands in a doorway exterior


Jamie and The Old Fox are lit from behind only, just barely able to see one side of the face per person
Backlighting: Light is placed above/behind actors to produce a glow solely on the far side (opposite the camera).
Claire and Fergus, outside - her smiling
A punchy, glowy sunset atop the castle wall
The Old Fox on a Horse with soldiers atop the hill
Even when the lighting team has it easy they manage to punch it up with beautiful golden rays of light


Next up was the General Hospital Nurses Ball!  Lighting any stage production for television is a difficult feat, which American Idol aces but General Hospital can be a little hit or miss.  Nevertheless it’s entertaining!

Carly in the bathroom mirror
This is a soap opera! Could you tell?


Carly in the new bathroom
The Metrocourt finally has a ladies room! What a perfect setting for soap opera drama and a well-executed lighting plan.
Carly and Ava talk in the bathroom
This is what I mean by drama.
guys stand and gals dip on stage during the performance
Magic Milo is back!
Shirtless men work the crowd
There’s more, but let’s get straight to the good stuff.


Milo strains his face taking off his pants

shirtless men on stage; 3 with pants off two almost so

Magic Milo takes a bow

The crowd goes wild
The ladies definitely give a good standing o… vation

All in all, it was a day to remember.


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