Kunta Kinte - Malachi Kirby in the 2016 production of Roots. He's in focus and a curved line of men are not.

Roots (2016)

Malachi Kirby in the 2016 Roots speaks to Belle

Anika Noni Rose as Kizzy in 2016 Roots

Fiddler, Kunta Kinte and Belle at the Wedding - 2016 Roots

Belle Kinte in wedding dress and Kunta Kinte in Mandinka garb

Rege-Jean Page as Chicken George in 2016 roots

The family in finale of 2016 Roots


President Obama 2016 Howard University Commencement Speech

First Lady Michelle Obama 2016 City College of New York Commencement Speech

Advance Screening of Roots Panel Discussion with the Producer and Cast

Heavy.Com article with video about the Music of Roots

History Channel Youtube Channel including behind-the-scenes and educational videos for Roots (2016)

The Music of Roots

It’s not easy to bring classical music into movies and television.  Classically speaking, music was meant to be played in a certain amount of time (usually longer than a scene would take) and a to serve a certain purpose (such as dancing, filling the silence, in a theatre).  There are also issues of copyright and performance clearances.  Diagetic music (that takes place in the scene) also presents challenges such as matching the music to the picture.

The soundtrack for Roots and the recurring musical themes were right on point. Questlove did a fantastic job as music supervisor and shout out to Jingle Punks, who coproduced the theme song.  The tone was appropriately emotional and had just the right amount of recall, where you really did feel like the themes were familiar, but not overplayed.


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