Patton Oswalt accepts the emmy for his 2016 comedy special, "talking for clapping"

It’s the Emmys!

I am watching the 2016 Emmy Awards!  I would take a picture of my 3-screen setup but one of them is my phone.

The beautiful set for the 2016 Emmy Awards on ABC

Favorite moment from the monologue: a very surprising appearance by Jeb!

Jeb! Bush makes an appearance as a limo driver on the 2016 emmy awards

The first award: Louis Anderson.  How can this be his first Emmy?

Louis Anderson wins the first Emmy for Supporting Actor 2016

Supporting Actress: Kate McKinnon.

Kristen Bell and Joel McHale present Kate McKinnon with an Emmy

First tears (on my part): Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus accepts an Emmy in 2016

For team “Topple the Patriarchy”: Jill Soloway, an incredibly talented director, helped off stage by Peter Scolari who was pretty funny in his own presentation.  (He won for guest actor after memorably replacing an actor in the race that was disqualified after nomination.)

Peter Scolari helps Jill Soloway off stage after she wins an Emmy

The second winning director at the 2016 Emmys: Suzanne Bier.

Suzanne Bier hugs Tom Hiddleston with Priyanka Chopra in the background at the 2016 Emmy Awards

Apparently that’s John Mayer on electric guitar with the Emmy House Band…

John Mayer and the Emmy House Band

Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwin at the 2016 Emmys

Limited Series: This category encompassed the best of the best in traditional television.  Fargo, American Crime, The Night Manager, and Roots were nominated alongside eventual winner The People vs. OJ Simpson.  The People vs. OJ Simpson was a zeitgeist hit when it aired and took the nation by storm.  It was nominated for 22 awards and won many, including limited series where Ryan Murphy thanked everyone from PAs on up.  Here’s Courtney B. Vance halfway to an EGOT.

Courtney B. Vance hugs his wife Angela Bassett at the 2016 Emmy Awards.

And here’s Laverne Cox, echoing Jeffrey Tambor’s plea to let transgender actors have a chance, and just generally looking good:

Laverne Cox at the 2016 Emmy Awards

Matt Damon made an appearance and told host Jimmy Kimmel, “…and tell your mom I like them apples!”Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel do a bit at the 2016 Emmy Awards

It was well received.

Lawrence Fishburne and Gina Torres laugh at the 2016 Emmy Awards

“Key and Peele” won an Emmy and thanked both Grips and Craft Services!!!

Damon Wayans presents Key and Peele with the Emmy

The In Memoriam segment had a beautiful setup with Henry Winkler for Gary Marshall, and a beautiful set for the singer.  Jeffrey Tambor had presented for Garry Shandling earlier in the evening.

The In Memoriam stage at the 2016 Emmy Awards

Henry Winkler at the 2016 Emmy Awards

Actor David Canary in the 2016 Emmy In Memoriam segment

Gene Wilder in the In Memoriam segment 2016 Emmy Awards

Abe Vigoda at the In Memoriam segment 2016 Emmy AwardsGarry Shandling at the 2016 In Memoriam Emmy Awards segmentTribute to Gary Marshall at the 2016 Emmy Awards

Finally, Veep and Game of Thrones won for Best Comedy and Drama.

Dennis Franz and Jimmy Smitts present at the 2016 Emmy Awards

Emmy EP Don Mischer

Other winners include John Oliver for “Last Week Tonight” and Aziz Ansari for the now award-winning “Parents” episode of his wonderful show “Master of None.”


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