Title Screen to One Mississippi on Amazon

One Mississippi/Transparent

I am so proud to have watched in one weekend all of Tig Notaro’s “One Mississippi” and season three of “Transparent.”

Title Screen to One Mississippi on Amazon

One Mississippi is roughly an hour and a half of tears and then some poignant, interesting stories.  It’s a beautiful show and incredibly well done.  That’s no surprise considering it was written by Tig Notaro and Diablo Cody, and executive produced by Louis CK.

Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allyne in the radio stationTig Notaro and Casey WilsonBeth Grant in One Mississippi  The whole thing is pretty low key and is mainly about Tig Notaro’s family after her mom passes away.  I really liked the lighting when they weaved in her imagining her mom being there, it was a nice light touch.

Tig Notaro and Mom in her chairTig Notaro and mom in cemetary

The scene at the cemetery is one of the most surprising – it comes and goes so quickly but contains a discussion so rarely seen on screen.  And I love the character of Bill.

Tig Notaro and family at Funeral

Tig Notaro looks at herself topless in the mirror on

The music is fantastic too, featuring a remake of the great Hank Williams’ “On the Bayou” for the opening credits and other songs in that genre throughout.

“Transparent” Season 3

Transparent season 3 Michaela Watkins

The Pfeffermans are back for another season of Transparent, another Amazon series exploring a family.

Maura - transparent season 3Transparent season 3 RachelAmy Landecker and Rob Heubel in Transparent season 3Jay Duplass in Transparent season 3

The Pfeffermans have a seder on a cruise in transparent season 3

I’ve had a seder on vacation before.  My family drove to Montreal during passover when we were kids, took in live jazz at Charlie Biddle’s club and had a seder in our minivan.   I have to say this is a pretty fine improvised seder plate.  I like that the Pfeffermans explore their Judaism as it relates to the past and through modern time.

Seder plate on Transparent season 3

Judith Light singing Transparent season 3 Judith Light performsAli and Maura Transparent season 3


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