Judy Greer and guest cooking chickpea snacks on her syndicated show Reluctantly Healthy

Reluctantly Healthy with Judy Greer

One of the best things about using an antenna for TV is that you have totally different options for channel surfing.  You can easily come across a show from the 1970’s, or in this case, 2014.  I looked up to find Judy Greer with her own cooking show!  She’s just as great as show host as she is an actress.

Reluctantly Healthy Cooking Show Logo
I love this title!
Judy Greer and guest on Reluctantly Healthy cooking show cook the recipe Quinoa con Pollo
Look at that face

Judy Greer doing an exercise

What a sport, she’s doing floor exercises and everything.  I couldn’t find a picture of this, but I loved the part in one episode where a crosstrainer coaches her to do four pull-ups assisted by a resistance band.  She got so excited to do a set and I can relate!  I’ve been trying to do pull-ups for a very long time and although I can do many many push-ups I am still trying to hoist my chin above that brass ring of strength.

Anyway, a very pleasant surprise of a show!

Judy Greer show Reluctantly Healthy rolling credits on Production Coordinators Michael Andrarde and Mark DreschkeJudy Greer during credits of cooking show Reluctantly HealthyCredits for Judy Greer Cooking Show Reluctantly Healthy displays the copyright, 2014 Principato-Young Entertainment & Electus



BONUS LINK  – “…The Yahoo online series announcement came a day after the company unveiled a video partnership with ABC News and a day after AOL unveiled a slate of original video series.”

Time Capsule: A little show history for “Reluctantly Healthy” with Judy Greer.  From what I gather it was aired on the Yahoo platform as a webseries then picked up by the CW as a syndicated show on the Saturday Morning block.  I watched it in 2016 on Laff TV channel 7.3, a digital band bonus channel of ABC 7 here in NYC on their Saturday morning educational block.  It was produced in 2014 by Principato-Young and Electus.

Yahoo had entered the video content space around the same time many companies had figured out that there was a vacuum for online content.  It turns out, that’s quite an expensive venture once you account for quality!  Some, like Yahoo, had to drastically modify the output and strategy while others like Go Pro had to shutter the video content divisions altogether.  After about four years of explosion in the market (and the technology to watch it), the mark of quality has gone up to a degree where many streaming services are offering big-budget-movie style budgets for their proprietary series.



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