Horace and Pete drinking coffee at the bar

Horace and Pete

National Treasure Paul Simon has elevated this show with his beautiful theme music.  I wish there was more of it.  It’s almost the only music you will hear on the entire 10 episodes of “Horace and Pete.”  There is practically no music on this show and yet, the one song that plays over and over, is spectacular.

Theme song title card - Horace and Pete by Paul Simon, Universal/Paul Simon Music (BMI)

What Horace & Pete got right was the moments one has to oneself thinking, or laughing out loud alone.  It’s about the emotional life.  It contains a portrayal of the ins and outs of living a life with mental illness of your own or in close family.

I watched it on Hulu; you can also download from the Louis CK website.

Gif of Horace and Pete

Horace from Horace and Pete

Pete from Horace and Pete

Bonus: Set Talk

The AD team of “Horace and Pete”

A DP (Director of Photography) on set once said that he’d gone to a barber who’d asked what he does.  He informed the unimpressed barber that on set, he’s actually a “pretty big deal.”  The AD team is the same way.  Who knows what anybody that’s never been on a set thinks they do, but on set they are so important to keeping the day moving along – and we all know that time has a direct, absolute correlation to money.  And on a set like this, they probably deserve a lot of credit.  Good job AD team.  Good job.


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