Martin Freeman changes a florescent lightbulb in Crackle's StartUp


Adam Brody and Otmara Marrero in Crackle StartUp sit on a couch

I watched the first season of StartUp on Crackle.

Things I liked:

  • Martin Freeman
  • The high stakes and consequences storytelling
  • Photography

What I did not like, and in fact what I hated with a passion that I have rarely seen unleashed: Crackle’s “Director’s Insights” or “Character Insights” forced in between every single commercial break in the 10 hour series.  It ceases to be interesting after the first few times and regularly includes footage that has not aired yet when you are watching it.

Edi Gathegi's "Ronald" cradles his son in StartUp on Crackle

Martin Freeman's "Phil Rask" showing some rage in Crackle's StartUp

Martin Freeman walks to his car in Crackle's StartUp

Miami Skyline & Water in Crackle's StartUp


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