Marnie and Hannah watch "Full House' on the series finale of HBO's Girls


HBO Girls title card contains 25 blocks saying "Girls" in various fonts and colors

I have seen exactly two episodes of the HBO series “Girls”: The series premiere and the series finale.  The show ran for six seasons and became a touchstone of the national conversation.  It launched the career of one Lena Dunham, who in turn launched Lenny Letter, a weekly electronic publication of women’s writing on various topics.

Although I admire the show and very much appreciate the movement that’s been made in the media just by having the show on the air, I didn’t expect to feel any connection to the finale, especially because I felt so little connection to the characters in the pilot.  But by the end I found myself crying.  The finale stands alone as a work about these women.

Allison Williams as Marnie in Girls, bathed in sunlight indoors in a sundressMarnie, Hannah and Hannah's Mom in HBO's Girls finale all sitting on a stoop

The series finale of Girls is now a slice of television history.  Hannah Horvath changed the world!  Lena Dunham’s first series is now over.  On to the next.

Hannah Horvath realizes she's a mom in HBO's Girls - and once again Lena Dunham is wearing no pants.

Lena Dunham and Allison Williams, both with no pants in HBO's series finale of Girls

Lena Dunham as Hannah Horvath in series finale of HBO's Girls

Hannah and Grover Horvath in series finale of HBO's Girls - again with the pantsless Lena Dunham, this time holding a baby in a rocking chair.


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