The three stars of NBC's "Timeless" in full American Revolution dress


I can’t believe I hadn’t written about Timeless.  I love that show!  It premiered on NBC in Fall 2016.  I’d “fall-in” in love with the characters and their time traveling journeys.  So of course it was cancelled.  The consolation prize was that I heard it straight from the actors, thanks to Instagram.

Then two days later a cruel joke: another actor saying it’s been saved.

Just Kidding, Timeless Isn’t Canceled After All via @TVGuide

At first google did not confirm.  But then when you type in the words NBC TIMELESS SAVED, there it is!  The now solo time travel show from the three in the fold that season.

Timeless, the little time travel show that could!  It’s actually a pretty sweet show; cheesy as hell, in the best way possible.

Screenshot of front page "NBC Orders 'Champions' from Mindy Kaling, Charlie Grandy to series" and "'Timeless' Scores Season 2 Order at NBC After Cancellation"


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