The cast of Imaginary Mary on ABC at the 2017 TCAs - Rachel Dratch, Jenna Elfman and Stephen Schneider

Imaginary Mary

I loved this show from start to finish.  Imaginary Mary was one of two live action/animated hybrids from the 2016-2017 primetime broadcast television season and although neither got renewed, they both had a lot of heart.  Funny, sweet, both family and antisocially oriented.  What I didn’t anticipate was my heart being ripped straight out of my body, tears streaming down my face at the end of it!  But, uh… if you haven’t seen it yet, enjoy.

Rachel Dratch as the voice of Imaginary Mary on ABC - photo is of the animated character making a cute confused face

ABC's animated Imaginary Mary talking to a live action (but inanimate) garden frog holding a flower

BTS shot from ABC's Imaginary Mary "mole" episode - photo shows a diffusion frame on a stand, heavily sandbags and on the right dolly track with a chapman going towards a car parked next to a lake.

Family Cast of ABC's Imaginary Mary

Jenna Elfman and Rachel Dratch on the set of ABC's Imaginary Mary


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