Jessica Williams as the Incredible Jessica James on Netflix wears a white button down shirt with black tie

The Incredible Jessica James

The highly anticipated New York City based Netflix original indie film “The Incredible Jessica James” is finally out, and it is delightful.  Sweet, insightful, intelligent and topical it moves along with bits of whimsy and fantasy blown in every so often.  Chris O’Dowd is a personal favorite of mine so I am so happy he displays his talents alongside Jessica Williams.  She of course first came to national awareness as a correspondent for “The Daily Show.”  In this film she plays a playwright, childrens theatre workshop teacher, and modern feminist baby gift giver.

The screen is split horizontally between Jessica Williams on top and Chris O Dowd on the bottom. Text reads "You're watching the Incredible Jessica James" with Netflix' text: 2017, 1hr 23m; Burned by a bad breakup, a struggling New York City playwright makes an unlikely connection with a divorced app designer she meets on a blind date."

Chris O Dowd wears a hoodie but no shirt in "The Incredible Jessica James" on Netflix

One of the kids in the theatre workshop in Netflix' The Incredible Jessica James

Jessica Williams in Netflix' "The Incredible Jessica James" with her movie family wearing a blue jumpsuit and red earbuds


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