James Van Der Beek as Diplo in Viceland series "What Would Diplo Do?" washed in blue light

What Would Diplo Do?

The control room in Diplo's music studio populated by James Van Der Beek, Jim Jefferies and Bobby Lee

My personal entree into the Viceland network was tonight with “What Would Diplo Do?” starring James Van Der Beek.

Road cases reading "Diplo" and a woman on the phone wearing a welders mask, day exterior

Viceland's "What Would Diplo Do" scrolls through spiritual leaders and lands on Ghandi, then Diplo for the completion of the title card.

"What would diplo do" on Viceland - yellow walls and yellow sash on red drape in a brightly lit and colorful hallway
“What Would Diplo Do” is visually interesting and tells a story through cinematography.

James Van Der Beek and Calvin Harris in Viceland's "What Would Diplo Do?" on a night exterior drinking Yerba outside trailers lit with christmas lights and blue-tuned lights


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