One Day at a Time

Norman Lear, at over 90 years old, has teamed up with Netflix and Gloria Calderon Kellett to update his series “One Day at a Time” with a modern Cuban-American family.  The delightful cast is headlined by an incredible duo, Justina Machado and Rita Moreno, and is supported by the likes of Todd Grinnell (who also appears in Netflix series Grace and Frankie) and Stephen Tobolowski (who appears in pretty much everything).

I can’t even express how much I love this series!  There are so many unexpected moments that bring me from tears to belly laughs to lines so true I’m pounding on the kitchen counter.  The whole family is lovable but I especially appreciate the daughter Elena for her LGBT activism and storylines.  Another wonderful thing is that it seems to be directed equally by women, nothing less than a revolutionary statistic in 2018.  One of the regular directors is Pam Fryman, who is very talented and established.  A special guest director is General Hospital’s own Kimberly McCullough who has worked over the last several years directing episodic television.  (Side note: with Amber Tamblyn’s “Paint it Black” now streaming on Netflix, there are two GH actresses turned directors on the service.)

Norman Lear’s saying is “just another version of you” and this series is an excellent and funny way to express that.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Elena and Penelope sit on the bed together talking during season one of Netflix series "One Day at a Time"

Justina Machado and Stephen Tobolowski sit among coworkers at a round table during a meeting in Netflix One Day at a Time season 1

Rita Moreno dances in pajamas and Justina Machado follows in slippers and bathrobe in the kitchen set for Netflix series "One Day at a Time"

Elena finds a girlfriend in season 2 of Netflix series "One Day at a Time"
“Me, gay” “Oh, uh – me gay, too” “…Cookie?”

The whole Alvarez family (including Schneider) in Netflix series "One Day at a Time"

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