2 Dope Queens

Baron Vaughn enters the set of 2 Dope Queens at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn NY 2018

An array of screenshots from the 2 Dope Queens HBO special entitled "Hot Peen"

Phoebe is halfway down a ladder that had not been bolted down, so Jessica squats to hold it to enable the dramatic use of it. Both are cracking up eyes closed.
Jessica rushes to Phoebe’s aid in support of her ladder-vaulting bout of “Yaaaaas Queen” in which the ladies take turns “Yaaaas”ing dramatically.

Titus Burgess guests on episode 3 of "2 dope queens" sharing his "peeno noir" wine with Jessica and Phoebe

Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams in their HBO Specials based on the podcast they share, 2 Dope Queens, from the back showing the enormous crowd awash in lights

These four HBO specials are very funny.  And the best way to enjoy them is the same way they were apparently premiered: in pajamas under blankets, warm and tired and ready to laugh yourself silly.  The friendship between Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson is so delightful.  Then they bring in comedians who come out with great sets.  What makes these specials even better is that they’re directed by the amazing, one of a kind, you already know I love her, Tig Notaro.  Enjoy!

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