Terry Crews

Terry Crews has been speaking out against toxic masculinity and abuse of power.  The non-profit for families in crisis Safe Horizon honored him with their Champion award, and he spoke so beautifully from the heart.  So I am watching Terry Crews and highly recommend you do too.

Terry Crews at a podium wearing a tuxedo accepting the Safe Horizon 2018 Voice of Courage Award

Terry Crews accepting the Champion Award at Safe Horizon

Tarana Burke, who is now recognized for starting the campaign #metoo ten years ago, was also honored at the 2018 award ceremony.  We all remember October 2017 when it finally gained worldwide notoriety, pretty much every woman we know was moved to say in one way or another, “Me Too.”  Some wrote stories of incidences large or small, while many others myself included didn’t really have a specific story to point to, the occurrences of casual sexism or power yielded against us in a small way so commonplace that it wasn’t even notable anymore.  But men were shocked, shocked!  That so many, many, that every woman in their life lived this experience every day.  The impact of that realization is still unfolding as more and more perpetrators of this violence and abuse of power are revealed every day.  Thank you to Ms. Burke and to every person that has given voice to this phenomenal movement.

Tarana Burke in the audience at the 2018 Safe Horizon award ceremony

Terry Crews on left in a plaid suit at the desk with Trevor Noah in a blue suit, red tie on

Another great way to hear Terry Crews is on his interview with Trevor Noah on The Daily show May 16, 2018.

Hat tip to The Mary Sue for reporting on that interview.

Update: Terry Crews testified to the United States Senate Judiciary Committee at a hearing for a Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights today. Watch his Opening Statement and read the reporting on Deadline.

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