The women of Fall 2018 ABC show "A Million Little Things" sit by the fire comfortably on the porch couches, covered by blankets

A Million Little Things

The 4 leads of "A Million Little Things" at the Boston Bruins game in

ABC came through tonight with the premiere of “A Million Little Things.”  I got exactly what I came for: a tearjerker led by the comforting faces of Romany Malco (Weeds/Blunt Talk) and James Roday (Psych).

Here’s the thing: the show actually names and talks about depression, and that’s significant.  They address the experience of depression that can lead to suicide, and it’s clear that the show has put a lot of care into the script.  I’d highly anticipated this show because of the leads, but I honestly didn’t expect this level of nuance.  I don’t know that “dramedy” accurately describes the tone but there are plenty of the funny moments that occur even at our worst times.

I really have just one missed connection about the show.  There’s a point at which it occured to me that it’s possible that two of the male friends have had an affair with each other.  This was’t the case, and I was disappointed.  But otherwise I did really enjoy (crying through) it.

Romany Malco and Christina Marie Moses lean on each other on a couch by sunlight

Mom leans as Daughter tunes guitar in a bedroom in ABC's "A Million Little Things"

The main group of "A Million Little Things" standing at a funeral reception


A Million Little Things banner
Suicide Prevention messaging is responsibly built into the show and the ABC website


I’m always surprised by the shows that I stick with throughout the season to watch live.  But I have a feeling that Wednesday nights at 10 I’ll be watching this one, ABC.


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