Hulu Presents: Puppies


two puppies tug on string in front of a christmas tree in hulu movie "puppies crash christmas"


three puppies in front of a christmas tree and presents for hulu show "puppies crash christmas"


Seriously, I can’t even contain my excitement at the cuteness of these puppies.

In addition, Hulu is renewing the promise of the Yule Log with “Roast,” simply filming and showing in real time an entire hour to cook a roast in the oven.

Crown roast and potatoes cooking in the oven - a real actual hulu show

I guess it’s like moving wallpaper for your television, aided by Chromecast: Slow TV.

Dinna fash Sassenach, the Yule Log hasna gone away for good!  STARZ has a Christmas day broadcast of traditional Scottish music at the hearth of the Fraser family home in Lallybroch!

Text reads: "Outlander Yule Log" Airs 12/25 at 6:42am on STARZ. The Fraser family home in Lallybroch is the scene of a roaring Scottish hearth and traditional holiday music.

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