Stinky and Dirty at the garbage dump (Spring Studios/Amazon)

The Stinky and Dirty Show

Stinky and Dirty find a way to smooth cement after running roughshod over a wet cement area

Over the holidays I was charged with watching my nephews for a day, aged 5 and 8.  We all had the same thought when plans were made: TV!  And true to form, we watched an entire season of a kids show called “The Stinky and Dirty Show” on Amazon.  We were going to go outside after lunch, but none of us felt like it so we kept on with the show.

I really liked the animation and there was a song that would play towards the end of each episode that had a great arpeggio and harmony.  There were also some cool elements of construction like cement and I-beams; lessons like asking “what if” as a good way to brainstorm; and that if you keep all the garbage you’re not actually cleaning.  (Stinky the garbage truck did tend to find some of his garbage items to be useful, and sometimes found pieces of garbage to be real “beauts.”  Dirty the backhoe loader was actually more of the Felix to his Oscar, reminding him that eventually he should be bringing the garbage to the dump and not just collecting it.)

Dirty the backhoe loader holds a parachute tied to fireflies surrounding a jug of jam dragged by Stinky the garbage truck (Spring Studios/Amazon Prime Video)
“The Stinky & Dirty Show” featured an episode on lighting! The way that the light was lifted into the air to illuminate a greater area reminded me of film lighting balloons that do the same thing.

As far as childrens shows it was highly tolerable and maybe even enjoyable to adults!  The reviews on amazon are pretty funny though as parents report being forced to watch the same episode up to 100 times so can they please make more.  The featured guest voice actors included Jane Lynch, Wallace Shawn and Joan Cusack.

A harbor is lit as a tiny tugboat leads a big freightliner into it.  Stinky and Dirty look very small in the distance.
The harbor is illuminated by the firefly parachute Stinky and Dirty put together when the tugboat’s light went out.

All in all, the show was great.  But the most meaningful part was the new skill I passed on to my nephews: binge watching an entire season of a streaming television show in one very special day.


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