Amy Schumer – Growing

Title card reads "Amy Schumer" in white and "Growing" in yellow; Amy Schumer appears on bottom of image from birds eye view

Wide shot of Amy Schumer on stage with red and blue drapes; seashell lights line the front of the stage; nine Robe Patts in 32k appear on stage right in rows of 3.

Amy Schumer appears on stage; she is bent over with microphone to her head and her left hand behind her demonstrating the "Kickstand"

I laughed so hard at Amy Schumer’s new Netflix special, “Growing.”  This very morning I looked at my calendar, saw that it came out today, downloaded, and started watching/listening as soon as I left the house.  This resulted in me laughing hysterically on the subway (attempting to do so silently of course) all the way to work.

I got so much enjoyment out of her explicitly feminist take on womanhood.  I’m at the point in my life where I no longer want to tiptoe to make all men comfortable, and I appreciate her point of view on the realities of pregnancy, periods, and even love.  Usually I’d encourage men to watch a feminist special, but honestly, this one’s probably more for the women to enjoy.  So, I hope they do!

Amy Schumer on stage, pointing up with one hand, holding the mic in another.

Amy Schumer is on stage.  Photo is from the back, seeing the long edison filament bulb inside the seashells lining the front of the stage and the audience in the dark background.

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