Simon Amstell: Set Free

The words "Simon Amstell" appear in bold white text over an image of Simon Amstell walking through a forest

The words "Set Free" appear in bold white text over green trees and branches in a forest

On the recommendation of John Cameron Mitchell’s instagram, I watched the Netflix special from Simon Amstell and could not have been happier or more touched.  He has a similarity to the great Hannah Gadsby in the way that he tells his truth.  I loved this special.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and this is the perfect reason to post: there’s something special that’s been broadcast to the world that I would like to remember, save, and share it myself.

Comedian Simon Amstell on stage, lights behind him

Simon Amstell is uproariously applauded by the audience at the conclusion of his 2019 special "Set Free" on Neflix

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