Payton, Liv, Ravi and Major appear next to each other facing camera but looking just off camera at a nightclub in the CW show iZombie

I really loved the show iZombie! Diane Ruggiero-Wright and Rob Thomas did a lovely job adapting a comic book series to television. A campy sci-fi procedural, the characters were funny and really became beloved over time. Liv was a rare sort of female antihero and lead. Clive grew on me, but Ravi as Liv’s nerdy work friend at the morgue got me with every pun and cheezy joke. Liv’s love interest’s name, Major Lillywhite, always makes me laugh but he is such a standup guy through and through. The bad guys are pretty funny too. I’ll really miss this show, the CW did good with this non-superhero comic book adaptation. Five seasons ended in a beautiful fashion- even if the last couple episodes kept my heart on a skyscraper’s ledge, tipping me off and throwing me back on!

iZombie's David Anders is laughing, hand to cheek, seated behind microphone.  "David Anders" is written on a Comic Con branded name plate with San Diego Comic Con logos on backdrop in background.

I guess you could also call it a very unique cooking show.

Picture of a bowl of gnocchi in red sauce, a fork picking up one dipped piece.  From the CW show iZombie, where brains are part of a unique dish cooked in a quick montage near the beginning of each episode.

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