The Late Show – with live audience

On March 12, 2020, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert went on without an audience.

460 days later, Stephen Colbert returned to The Late Show stage with a full audience. He seemed ecstatic, and to be honest, it was a contagious feeling. It felt good to see Colbert in his element – in front of a live audience, with a live band and live guests. He said the next day that he’d forgotten how easy it was to host this show with an audience. Maybe easy wasn’t the right word because it takes energy to throw out, but that the audience gives it right back. Jon Batiste said it’s a reciprocal emotional relationship.

Seeing a live audience on television is completely new again. After a year and a quarter of primarily seeing groups of people in their separate tiny electronic boxes, looking at a packed live audience filling every seat is phenomenal. This truly feels like a marker in time.

That’s really why I write this here blog. Television is in our homes and daily lives. I feel close to the people, characters and storylines I watch and when something truly hits me I like to share it and look back. I want to mark this moment along with other TV History posts on What I’m Watching. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you’re watching at this link or in the comments.

Stephen Colbert's unsuccessful attempt at buttoning his pants after the 2020-2021 coronavirus pandemic quarantine for his June 14, 2021 performance on The Late Show with a returned live studio audience
Stephen Colbert takes a woman from the studio audience into a 60's style go go dance as the audience claps and cheers.  There is a dancer dressed as a syringe dancing behind them.  The Late Show with Stephen Colbert June 14, 2021
Stephen Colbert and his wife Evie Colbert stand on the Late Show stage in New York City.  Stephen is smiling and holding his wife's forearm in his and against his torso as a gentleman would walk a lady.  Evie is smiling brightly.
Stephen Colbert sits at his desk on stage at the Ed Sullivan Theatre on Broadway in New York City.  A graphic appears on the left side of the screen with the word "Meanwhile."  Stephen's expression is open mouthed and his right hand is raised, left on the desk.  He wears a dark grey suit and dark tie.
Stephen Colbert appears on a left hand split screen, holding in a laugh seemingly by pursing his lips and holding his fingers to his mouth.  Dana Carvey as President Joseph R. Biden appears on a right hand split screen, The Late Show logo on bottom in between.  Both are wearing dark blue suits
Jon Stewart appears on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, June 14, 2021.  Jon has walked right up to the camera and is in focus, medium shot, wearing a blue button down shirt and blue striped tie, raised eyebrows and not quite smiling with wide eyes.  Stephen is laughing, sitting at his desk, elbow on desk fist raised to almost cover his mouth.

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