Mixed-ish is a kooky, sweet and funny coming of age story.

I just finished watching the second and final season. I delayed watching the last few episodes because I really didn’t want it to end. But I’d recently learned my lesson of putting off endings too long; first when the delightful “Doing the Most with Phoebe Robinson” disappeared from Xfinity on Demand before I finished the final two episodes. Then when I tried to mindlessly watch the rest of “Filthy Rich” and Hulu only showed a trailer. The audacity!

So, even though it physically pained me to finish the last episode of Mixed-ish, I did. And I loved this show from beginning to end. I’ll probably watch it a couple more times. It made me laugh so hard and it has a lot of heart. The characters are a lot of fun, interesting, and unique. The group plays well together and it is just a simple joy to watch.

Christina Anthony as Aunt Denise in a 2021 episode of Mixed-Ish.  She wears a blue and gold baroque print silk shirt and a wide-eyed expression.  Text on screen says "Call Now: 1-800-555-0199" and a blurry sign in the background says "Purse-Jitsu." two children are flinging purses in the garden behind Aunt Didi.
Tika Sumpter hugs Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Alicia and Paul Johnson in the 2019-2021 ABC sitcom "Mixed-Ish."  Medium shot in their kitchen.
Christina Anthony and Gary Cole sit next to each other in the Johnson kitchen as Aunt Didi and Grandpa Johnson in Mixed-Ish, confused expressions on their faces.
Rainbow and her friends at a school lunch table in ABC sitcom Mixed Ish.  From left: Trinitee, Isabel Myers, Arica Himmel, Paulet Del Castillo.
Ethan William Childress as Johan Johnson in ABC Mixed Ish puts his hand in a refrigerator door ice machine and presses the lever, enthralled at the ice coming down.
Mykal-Michelle Harris as Santamonica Johnson in ABC sitcom Mixed-ish.  She appears in this photo in focus medium shot, background blurred.  Background is other kids on the commune.  Santamonica is wearing a white short sleeve floral dress and white long sleeve undershirt.  She has two braids and holds one hand on her hip, her face puckered in a pose.
Tika Sumpter, Arica Himmel and Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Alicia, Rainbow and Paul Johnson in the 2019-2021 ABC sitcom Mixed-Ish.  There's a text overlay at top left: FFWD >> indicating a videotape being fast forwarded.  The faces on the family are speech, disgust and eyes closed/hands out.
The family of the ABC sitcom Mixed-Ish, from left: Christina Anthony,  Mykal-Michelle Harris, Tika Sumpter, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Arica Himmel, Gary Cole and Ethan Childress.  Shot is a birds-eye view with cast looking up.  Text overlaid credits include director of photography troy smith, production designer greg j. grande edited by seth clark.

Pink background torn off like paper to reveal the word "mixed-ish" mikst-ish, adjective.  Flowers surround in 3D.  This is the title card for 2019-2021 ABC show "Mixed-Ish"

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