Lauren Lyle (Outlander) brought me into Vigil, produced for BBC and now available on Peacock in the US. Luckily all episodes are out and I didn’t have to wait like when it originally aired – it’s a very intense thriller! Suranne Jones (Gentleman Jack) is phenomenal in anything she does. Besides the murder mystery, Vigil is also a love story told in flashbacks between Jones’ Amy Silver and Rose Leslie’s Kirsten Longacre.

Surprise appearances by Paterson Joseph (Timeless) and Gary Lewis (also of Outlander – it takes place in Scotland, after all) rounded out a stellar cast and top notch production.

Lauren Lyle is entering her Peace Camp trailer.  The back of Rose Leslie is on the right.
Lauren Lyle, camera angled up, in BBC 2021 thriller Vigil
Shaun Evans, Adam James and Suranne Jones in the submarine Vigil.  They are speaking in close quarters with tense faces.
Paterson Joseph looks camera right as Suranne Jones speaks to him on the submarine Vigil
Suranne Jones and Shaun Evans in the BBC 2021 thriller Vigil.  She has a flashlight pointed at the evidence she has in her hand and they're looking at it together.
Dark interior of the submarine Vigil.  Two flashlights are seen at the far end.  Red is the predominant color although it is very dark.
Exterior night - Gary Lewis talks to Rose Leslie in a wide shot.
Suranne Jones and Rose Leslie talk in a wide shot.  They are in the police station break room with vending machines.  There is a window in between them and camera, with blinds, computer and desk lamp reflecting.
Suranne Jones and Rose Leslie Kiss in the 2021 BBC thriller Vigil

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