Fire Island

Happy Pride 2022! Hulu is celebrating with the premiere of “Fire Island.” This film is written by and stars Joel Kim Booster and features Bowen Yang and Margaret Cho. It’s a very funny romantic comedy that was so sweet at the end I cried.

The film is full of funny bits but the most hilarious to me was the guy on the right, Will, throwing his ice cream away whenever Joel Kim Booster’s character Noah sees him eating one. Another favorite line is “Lindsey Graham in the Parent Trap? I would watch that.”
Bowen Yang in backless underwear getting ready for the party for Hulu's 2022 feature film Fire Island by Joel Kim Booster
Bowen Yang and Joel Kim Booster at the underwear party lit in blue from the 2022 Hulu film Fire Island
Margaret Cho eating Haagen-Dasz chocolate ice cream out of the pint while wearing a face mask and robe, interior living room night with an illuminated lamp behind her.
This is the shot that made me cry! Two older men dancing casually together as a couple on the docks, just having a romantic moment.

The cinematography is fantastic, the lighting team did a great job! I took so many screenshots it was tough deciding what to include, and I basically just ended up watching the whole movie again.

The music deserves kudos as well. Modern arrangements by Jay Wadley of classical themes from Vivaldi and Bach (not to mention hearing an actual harpsichord). Some of the boys perform karaoke with harmony. And there’s one theme that sounded just like the music to one of my all time favorite slapstick comedies, “Brain Donors.”

“Fire Island” is a gay romp! It was fun to watch and made me feel happy, joyful, giggly and satisfied.

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