The Rehearsal

Nathan Fielder looks past the camera right in a green sweatshirt, arms outstretched. He leans against a nicely lit bar. The trimmed mahogany bar gleams behind him, lined underneath with those super convenient coat hooks. The lighting on the bar is even with a red highlight across his face. A backlight from above hits the turn of the L-shaped bar. There are fairy lights against the mirror behind the alcohol, which is illuminated and gently out of focus.
The fake exterior to the Alligator Bar, constructed in a film studio by Local 52 technicians in art, scenic, construction, props and lighting.
The desolate exterior of the actual studio, overlooking a murky New York City river on a dreary, rainy, “dreich” day.
Credit slate for the New York City Grip and Electric crew members who worked on the pilot episode of “The Rehearsal”
Nathan Fielder speaks to a bartender at the Alligator bar. It’s unclear to me if both/either the bar and the bartender are real or constructed. But again the lighting looks great. This interior wide shot pulls back past the corner of a pool table, balls in a triangle with beauty lighting.
At last, something about the content of the show! Nathan Fielder wears a laptop front carrier and points at the hands outstretched between Kor and the actor playing his date.

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