The Time Traveler’s Wife

HBOMax 2022. Created by Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue.

“The Time Traveler’s Wife” is witty and captivating, with extreme characters expressed as very human in the way of Moffat’s “Sherlock.” According to Moffat, it’s about the inextricability of love and loss.

“Anyone can stand any kind of torture, except hope.”

Love, loss… and humor to make it through:

“That was an unrelated thought… which I accidentally… admitted.”

“Your apartment might be a bit nicer.”
“What’s wrong with yours?”
“Well, I live in it. I live really badly in it. It’s like a farm for one human.”

The cinematography by Peter Menzies, Jr. on The Time Traveler’s Wife is really nice. Visually appealing, interesting art and glam, drama and fantasy enhanced with light and shadow. All of the crafts have come together to do their highest job: tell the same story.

This story premiered on HBO two weeks after Starz’ Outlander season 6 finale. It’s a good match: both works are about how to persevere love over time with all it’s intricacies and implications, ups and downs. It’s not shown as pretty or easy. In fact the shows are both primarily gritty, and at times quite violent. Not only are the marriages over a long period of time, but time itself isn’t linear. (Just like love!) Besides time travel, there was definitely some cross promotion with a kilt! All I’m saying is, if you like one, maybe check the other out.


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