The documentary “Stutz” by Jonah Hill premiered on Netflix November 14, 2022. In it, Jonah presents the life’s work of his therapist, Phil Stutz. Dr. Stutz has one rule: you are not allowed to tell yourself anything negative. You can’t put yourself through that. His other findings throughout the film include:Radical acceptance to answer anxietyNo […]

Expecting Amy

The draw to HBO Max for me is the documentary “Expecting Amy.” It details her pregnancy and preparation for the 2019 Netflix comedy special “Growing.” Neatly divided into three parts that I am just now realizing were about one hour each, it is either a long documentary or short miniseries. So, for a new streaming […]

Late Night Talk Shows

The abundance of precaution to slow the spread of Coronavirus has hit the entertainment industry suddenly, and hard.  My thoughts are with the freelancers right now, who have just gotten through winter and were about to replenish savings.  Television is going to look different for the next year.  Pilots that were just about to start […]


The reboot of Beverly Hills 90210 was a fantastic summer mini series!!! It was a campy fictionalized meta story about the cast, playing themselves, coming back for a reboot. I loved every minute of it!

Terry Crews

Among all the women that #metoo has brought forward in activism, Terry Crews has been a singular male voice speaking out against toxic masculinity and abuse of power.

2017 Christmas Binge: Outlander Season 3

The night was Christmas Eve.  The Outlander Podcast was playing, executive producers giving their take on the episode as it ran on the tv.  I’d run through episodes 7, 8, 9 and 10 and happened to see that at 11am on Christmas Day, STARZ would be playing a marathon of the entire third season. Like […]

Hotel Impossible

One of my favorite jobs was associate producing a “Hotel Impossible” clip show for the production company and Scripps networks.  We made four episodes of Top 20 moments, using Avid to review previous shows and compile the clips.  It was entirely in post production; a simply positive and relatively calm experience, and I found my favorite […]

Burning down the Set

In the interest of avoiding spoilers, let me just say that there is a certain showrunner that, after the fifth season, tends to burn down the entire set. There may or may not have just been one, and in about oh, four years you may do well to expect another.

Imaginary Mary

I loved this show from start to finish.  Imaginary Mary was one of two live action/animated hybrids from the 2016-2017 primetime broadcast television season and although neither got renewed, they both had a lot of heart.  Funny, sweet, both family and antisocially oriented.  What I didn’t anticipate was my heart being ripped straight out of […]