Single Drunk Female

Single Drunk Female is about Sam, a woman beginning her journey with sobriety. It’s inspiring because it’s so messy. She’s not perfect, and isn’t really all that good. Eventually she tries. But sobriety would not be her first choice. I too am currently in a state of sobriety. I was sober for a few years, […]


Oh, man. 1883 was so good. I couldn’t get screenshots so am using press photos, which I don’t like to do. I try to capture the moments that made me feel. And boy – there was a whole lot of feeling, and a whole lot of crying. The acting in 1883 is pretty great. Isabel […]

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers takes the viewer into the experience of battle: the confusion, the camaraderie, and the horror. As acclaimed as it’s been for the last twenty years, I hadn’t necessarily expected to like it. I don’t have an easy time following war stories and don’t enjoy them much. I understand now why it’s still […]

Reservation Dogs

Reservation Dogs is a 2021 television hit. FX and Hulu have partnered with Taika Waititi and Sterlin Harjo to produce the Native American comedy, filmed in Oklahoma and written by a team of all-indigenous writers. The show follows a group of delinquent teenagers in a rural reservation. They get into and out of trouble, trying […]

Run the World

The Starz series “Run the World” is, like the first episode’s title, phenomenal. The first season is nine 30-minute episodes that go by too quickly. There’s plenty of drama, but the comedic dialogue is fast and funny. There are too many one liners to name but one of my personal favorites is when Erika Alexander’s […]

Outlander Season 5 Finale

The song “Never My Love” by The Association will now instantaneously cause a heartache for fans of the Starz drama Outlander. Something of a salve is the gorgeous cinematography, the modernist dreamscape of Claire’s dissociative safehouse, and Jamie holding Claire in that embrace that will be the last new image of Outlander for a long […]

Supreme Court Oral Arguments

For the first time in history, the United States Supreme Court is holding arguments over the phone and broadcast on C-SPAN!  Audio recordings of arguments have been available online for the last ten years, posted at the end of the week, but this is the first time the public can hear an argument while it’s […]

The Shop: Uninterrupted

Absolutely blown away by the discussion on Season 2 episode 6 of the HBO Sports program “The Shop.” Stacy Abrams, Hasan Minhaj, Whoopi Goldberg, Megan Rapinoe, Sue Bird and Malcolm Jenkins joined host Maverick Carter. At the end I couldn’t believe 30 minutes had flown by. They’d discussed fighting voter suppression and the importance of […]

Work in Progress

Showtime threw away the box with “Work in Progress” by Abby McEnany.  It’s essentially a rom-com.  The overall idea is that a suicidal woman falls in love.  It’s heartfelt, original, and full of the small details known to those living with anxiety and depression.  As one of those people, I found the series cathartic.